Reflections on Poverty-Social Work in Action
Student Social Work Conference, BMC

Around 60 student social workers from BMC joined with 11 key organisations in E3, Springvale Campus, on Friday 26th October to discuss the Anti-Poverty Practice Framework for SW in NI, and to hear first-hand about the effects of poverty on individuals, families and communities. Aine Morrison (Professional Officer from Office of Social Services), the key-note speaker, led the students through the Framework, and this was followed by “speed-dating” style conversations between small groups of students and the following organisations:


  • Children in NI
  • SVP-Social Justice Committee
  • Carers NI
  • Storehouse
  • Stroke Association
  • West Belfast Partnership
  • Barnardo’s-Young People’s Partnership
  • Youth Justice Agency
  • East Belfast Independent Advice Centre
  • Education Authority


Students provided instant electronic feedback and reflections on their learning:


“Social work should not impose any particular narrative of poverty on others”

“…open the door for conversations about poverty..”

“…always see the person, not the problem”

“ the value of positive communities”

“speak up, make a change”

“play a part in turning it around”…

“The extent of poverty is such that it would be understandable for any one social worker to ask “what can I do about poverty?” VOTE!! This is the answer.