NIDSWP Annual Practice Learning Review Sept 2019

The Northern Ireland Degree in Social Work Partnership (NIDSWP) hosted its 2019 Annual Practice Learning Review on Wednesday 4th September at the Corrs Corner Hotel.


The review included contributions from QUB and UU/FE who provided information on the course content and how students are prepared before going on their Practice Learning Opportunity (PLO), the successful year of practice learning in 2019 and outcomes for social work students progressing through their professional training onto AYE.


Practice teachers and students provided inputs on their experience of supporting students on PLO in the third sector and an example of practice within Family Group Conferencing in the statutory sector.


A citizen educator from WAVE Trauma Centre spoke about their contributions to social work training through co-delivery of a module in QUB and the importance of service user, carer and survivor involvement in the professional training of social workers.


Delegates were supported and encouraged to reflect on their role and work as practice teachers and how this could be published in the Practice Teaching and Learning Journal.


The Social Care Council provided an overview of the findings and recommendations from the  5 Year Review and engaged delegates in round table discussions to explore ideas about how these are taken forward to future proof the degree in social work.


Feedback from the conference has been extremely positive commenting specifically on the diversity and content of the inputs, hearing about practice teacher and student learning on PLO, learning about the course content including service user, carer and survivor involvement and being provided with the opportunity to feedback on the 5 Year Review.  Constructive feedback was provided to further enhance the event next year which the Degree Partnership will take forward.


Joanne Lytle

(Professional Officer: NIDSWP)