BHSCT Student Induction August 2019

A new group of social work students started with the Trust on 19th August 2019. As part of the student induction we suggested they bring in one item of food or toiletries to support a local foodbank. The students were provided with examples of items that were in short supply with the food bank. Needless to say we were inundated with food and toiletries during the two day induction. I was impressed by the generosity and commitment to supporting others from these great bunch of students.


Thanks must also be extended to staff from the learning and development team and our staff restaurant who also supported the collection. On 27th August 2019  my colleague (Theo Raykoske) and I dropped off all the food items to the good people (Louise, Dougie and co) at The Larder (St Christopher’s Church) Mersey street. The Larder is an emergency food bank supporting approximately 150 people per month. Louise extended her thanks for all the support as stocks of some food items had run very low.


For more information contact The Larder Foodbank on Facebook.