Annual Admissions Review

The Northern Ireland Degree in Social Work Partnership: Annual Admissions Review was held on Thursday 5th October at Mosley Mill.


The annual event provided an opportunity to review the Admissions process through feedback and statistical reporting from both QUB and UU Admissions Departments highlighting key themes and the successful completion of the process with all 260 social work places filled on the Degree in Social Work programme 2017.


The event also focused on feedback from academic and agency staff on their participation in the process of assessing suitability of applicants and recommendations for further development.


Participants were introduced to the new developments in the ‘Interview & Selection’ process with an overview of the changes to the interview through an introduction of case scenarios, revised questions, new marking criteria and the development of an on line training module for training and standardisation of all staff involved.


The event was attended by 34 staff representing partner agencies and feedback on the event will inform the development of the 2018 Annual Admissions Review.


Joanne Lytle

(Professional Officer: NIDSWP)