Delivering the Social Workers of Tomorrow

The Degree Partnership is an unincorporated association of education institutions and employing agencies – statutory and voluntary.  Its main purpose is to facilitate regional policies and approaches in areas such as student selection, course content, delivery and practice learning provision.  The Degree Partnership is built on a framework of collaborative working within NI.  This promotes and develops co-operation to ensure equity and high quality standards are delivered across courses to meet the expectations and requirements of social work employers.

What We Do

The Partnership is accountable to the Northern Ireland Social Care Council and reports to it on any aspect of course provision, including collaborative arrangements, resources, curriculum content and delivery arrangements, practice learning, future plans, evaluation and statistics.  In consultation and collaboration with the Northern Ireland Social Care Council, the Partnership, in exercising its operational role in continuous improvement of course delivery, contributes to the review and development of course provision together with key stakeholders.

Who We Are

Partnership Office Staff

The NIDSWP team includes Ms Joan Broder – Chair, Ms Joanne Lytle – Professional Officer, Ms Jackie Creighan – Senior Administrative Assistant.

  • Joan Broder
    Joan Broder Chair

    Joan Broder joined the Partnership in Jan 2018. She worked for many years in Extern as Director of Children and Family services on an all Ireland basis and has been interim CEO of Relate NI for the past year.

  • Joanne Lytle
    Joanne Lytle Professional Officer

    Joanne Lytle has been with the Partnership since September 2016. Prior to moving to the Partnership she was employed as Practice Learning Centre Manager in Extern.  Previously she worked as a social worker in Criminal Justice in the Voluntary Sector and Children & Families in the Statutory Sector.

  • Jackie Creighan
    Jackie Creighan Administrative Assistant

    Jackie Creighan has been with the Partnership since its inception in 2004, having previously worked for the Northern Ireland Post Qualifying Education and Training Partnership.  She has worked in administration in the Education and Training Sector for over 20 years.